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1) I am very private, must i follow your screening process?

I value my safety, It is my top priority and  i must verify who you are before I meet you. All information is 100% confidential and will never be shared,

I will protect your privacy as i do myself. Discretion is a must.


2)  Are your rates negotiable? NO.NEVER


3)Would you consider seeing someone under 21?

No, i don't. You must be 21 above. 


4) What methods of payment do you accept?

Cash only. It has to be place on a greeting card  on top of the bathroom counter mark with "The Vocal Renossance Retreat".


5) Do you take wardrobe request?

Yes i do. All request should be madeone week prior our date.


6) I am new to this and i don't have reference. Is that ok?

Yes. I would need you to email me of your full name, your employment, your phone number(not a burner phone), your social network such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Twitter and it has to be not in a private mode.


7) What do you expect of me on our date?

I expect you to be respectful and gentlemen upon seeing me.

Please refrain from asking me question about my services or donation and i will end up our time together. Personal hygiene is very very important to me.

I expect you to be clean, teeth brush, wash hands. If you need to shower, i had towels, soap,toothbrush, toothpaste waiting for you. If you are a smoker, i would prefer that you don't smoke at least an hour prior to our date as i am allergic to cigarettes. Please wash your hands when you come to my place and when i come to your place. If i come to your place and you had pets, i appreciate you put them in one room and please  do not touch  your pet and then touch me. I have dander allergy.


8) Do you allow drugs?

No is the answer. Illegal substances of any kind (before or during our time together) will not be tolerated nor will excessive drinking.

If either situation occurs, please know that i will  end our time together and if i am in your place i will be unable to stay and reimbursement of our time is not possible.


9) What happens if i need to cancel?

In the event you need to cancel, i would prefer that you inform me

24  hours prior on our date.Please understand that i had set aside a time for us and that time is precious. If you do not cancel, your deposit will not be refunded.


10) Do you accept credit card? No, i do not. I accept Cash App.Zelle & Venmo.

11) What do i expect of you on our date?

I will be all freshly showered, teeth brush, smells good, well groomed and most specially i will be wearing a smile in my face upon meeting you and i assure you that you will feel very very comfortable with me.


12) Can i bring you anything for our date?

Yes, In fact, i admire someone that wants to surprise me or add something special to our date. You can find a little treat to bring over on my wishlist.


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